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     My earliest musical memories as a child were the records my parents played. It was a lot of Jazz from the late 50’s to early 60’s - Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Ahmad Jamal, Cal Tjader, Miles Davis, Joao Gilberto as well as many other greats. I was fascinated by the sounds of the instruments and of course the album covers. Jazz was always part of the rainbow of genres that I listened to throughout my life, including Blues, R&B, Rock n Roll, Reggae and World Music.

     The records, 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs, downloads, and now streaming makes it possible to access just about any song, anywhere, anytime. But something’s been missing. As an avid concert goer, live music was always an emotional experience for me and a needed escape from the stresses of life. And the older I get the more live music I need.

     When I joined the Ossining Elks Lodge back in 2016, how could I possibly know that the convergence of an historic service organization and my love for Jazz music would present me with a dream come true?

     In November of 2016, with the help of the Village of Ossining Arts Project Committee and a connection to one of my children’s grades school music teachers, the live jazz music I was hoping for came to life. Rhythm Rising was the first Jazz band to play live at the Lodge for what would become Ossining Second Saturday Jazz series. As I booked more second Saturdays with jazz groups from Ossining and beyond, it became clear that the regular scheduling of live Jazz music was filling a void. In June of 2017, The Lodge was blessed to be the venue for the first Ossining Jazz Festival, a tribute to Sonny Sharrock.

Jazz At Th Lodge, Ossining

     One of the great unintended consequences of the jazz series was the joy expressed by the musicians when they came to play. The shows had cultivated an audience that came to witness the art of the music. Audiences were encouraging and supportive of the musicians, and in turn inspiring great performances for the series. Jazz groups were eager to return and the word spread about the Lodge’s vibe and its audiences. Regular attendees were asking for more shows and new Jazz artists began calling to book a date. In 2018, the series rebranded as Jazz at the Lodge featuring 2 Saturdays per month. In addition to Saturdays, on selected Thursdays, we present the Organ Groove, headlined by 2 Lodge members, Paul Connors on Hammond Organ and Jon Doty on Drums. A third musician is added to the group, usually guitar or horn to complete the trio. During the summer months we have played outdoors in the parking lot to the joy of our neighbors.

     Jazz music is a uniquely American art form that allows a group of musicians to interact in a free form style and create something new every time they play. It is sound art in its purest form. The “listening room” at Jazz at the Lodge is a small and intimate space, providing a welcoming environment for both audiences and musicians.


John Codman III


Jazz at the Lodge

Phone: (917) 488-7187

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